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Lessons from a Three Year Old

I have been an Eric Church fan for many years. For anyone who doesn't know, (not sure how that's possible, but I might be biased) Eric Church is an award winning country music artist who puts on a great show. I enjoy hearing him sing and watching him perform, but I think what I like best could by the lyrics he writes. My current favorite Eric Church song is Three Year Old because it is all about being mindful and aware and in your life. We really never are more present in our life than when we are three years old.

"Use every crayon color that you've got" - How often do we save things for one reason or another. We put the good clothes up, thinking we will need them for a special occasion, and then they hang in the closet until they no longer fit or go out of style. I've noticed that as I get older, I don't hold onto as many "things" as I used to. I prefer to let go of things and make more room in my life for people and experiences. I've taken clothes out of the back of my closet and remembered when I bought them and then each time I thought about wearing them, only to "save them" for another day. The only day that mattered was the day I gave them away. If you want to wear a ball gown to breakfast, go for it!

"Walking barefoot through the mud will knock the rust right off your soul" - When was the last time you stressed or got angry about mud on your shoes or mud tracks on your carpet? And how did that anger serve you? We all know that nature connection is imperative to emotional and mental health, and being barefoot in the mud is about as close to Mother Nature as you can get! I've learned that you can wash the mud right off your bare feet, so go ahead - take off your shoes and feel that cold earth squish between your toes!

"Tonight, I sleep me down to lay and pray to keep my soul" - I bet most of us learned that prayer as a child, so you know those words are a bit confused. However, the meaning is definitely there. Is it perfect? No. Too often, we worry so much about making something perfect or just right, that we totally lose focus on what is important. If your neighbors or family or friends show up unexpectedly and your house is a mess because your kids have played all day, don't worry! Enjoy those moments and those people. They are there to see you, not your house!

"You can be a cowboy on the moon; Dig to China with a spoon; Talk to Jesus on the phone" - How is your imagination? Is it stuck on a back shelf in your mind? Dust it off and let it run free! You never know what you might create or accomplish until you try!

"And when you're wrong, you should just say so" - This becomes so hard for us as we get older. Our pride grows, and our conscience shrinks. Being right becomes much more important than being honest. We are human. We are permitted to make mistakes. Consider your intention when you are making excuses for something you've done or said. How hard would it be to just say, "I was wrong and I'm sorry?" Now consider if you might feel more free by just choosing this simple, honest statement.

"Say 'I love you' all day long . . . . .I learned that from a three year old." We can all learn from a three year old!

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