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Red Goddess Rising

At the crest of daybreak when the burning ball of love filled fire

rises up

One ready red rose petal feels the heat.

That sensation

is all it takes.

One moment of awareness of what could be, and what IS to come is all she needs to feel the rising up.

Light and heat,

the initial scorch, touches the petal’s edges.


Same sting

as the single moment when she realizes

She is meant for more.

Crimson petal, capable of tempering the temperature

allowing the fervor to move slowly

radiate down to into the kindled receptacle, through the stem,

and into the roots at a speed that feels tolerable.

Graceful woman-child shares this trait

insights penetrating her being at a rate that doesn’t quite tear her apart.

Merging with the fight that life cyclically brings

Mellowing into the love of God.

Full to the brim with grace as she begins to expand her legs and arms

to embrace the higher love, sometimes disguised as a flare

Warmth brings comfort


Is it safety or is it transformation?

Is it safe to transform?

Petal by petal, a gradual and steady opening,

or perhaps a quick bursting flourish, some time in the making.

As the petal absorbs divine heat it begins to relax, toughness softens into fullest potential.

With the power of a marvelous force the rose has a new strength to blossom into a full and gorgeous creation.

She too is changing.

Might she be the red goddess rising?

Melting edges allow the woman to find her goddess power

to dance and grow fully into her beauty and vigor.

Out she comes as generously as the rose blooms

Free to flow

Free to be

Free to speak her every truth

Filled with radiance

Filled with love

Filled with God

With one fiery move grace seeps

from tips of her fingers to her toes on the ground

where the rich clay supports steps of a new bold woman.

She swishes her scarlet skirt, and fans the flames of change.

They continue to burn

but don't burn her.

Holy holy heat brings a glow to her skin that wasn’t present before.

She may have spent an eternity curled like a fetus

protected by the tough red petals,

petals so rich in hue their opacity kept her blind

but the time has come

as the glow hits her face

boldness ensues.

Clarity radiates from her very being

in her breath

in her movements

in her heart

in her thoughts

in her words

The divinity emerges

and takes the rose into her strong and elegant fingers.

Twirling the stem, petals swirling

Movements mimic the churn of energy that used the pain

The fight wasn’t really a fight at all

The heat of the hurt desired to dance into clarity and power

Shifting served her

Red rose no longer needed for protection.

Rose so lovely,

now here always as a tiny reminder.

Grateful for

all that is needed

all that is welcomed

from the depths of the rich soil to the sky carrying the brilliant heat

and all that is in between.

The frightening spaces

The loving spaces

The ones that bring her to her knees

The ones the burst open her heart and fill it with radiance

permeated with GODLY love

Red Goddess Rising

it’s all that she IS. Divine Love. Love. Love.

it’s all that she BRINGS. Divine Love. Love. Love.

Written by Erin Browning

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