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What happens when you bring your entire self to the table? When you stop trying to cover up the parts that you believe are undesirable or ugly something shifts. Hands down the biggest benefit I’ve come to know is Deeper Connection.

Sunday, at the tail end of a talk, I found myself looking at a group of women who heard the content I delivered. I found myself seeing a group of women who enjoyed a lovely meditation, but I also knew quickly something was missing. Connection.

Connecting with the people who were here—giving MY why. My PERSONAL reasons for meditation, for breathwork, for choosing ayurveda.

What to do? End the session with the facts out there, the information in their hands, or bring it to the heart?

Put myself on the line? That’s hard. That’s a little scary. Talk about the real shit?? No sugar coating. The dirty yucky pieces that we are supposed to pretend don’t exist, put those on the table. Who’d want to eat at that table? Turns out many want to eat at the MESSY AND COMPLETELY REAL table. Turns out many are HUNGRY for a meal there.

That’s what I did. I laid it all out. My why. My reason for falling in love with meditation & breathwork & ayurveda. The reasons beyond the science.

The reasons that allow me to sleep at night with ease because I walked (and continue to walk) through life in a far less than perfect way.

The reasons that sparked anxiety and struggle and compulsiveness.

The same reasons that serve as motivation to do the work.

Results of MY openness were beautiful and beyond what I could have imagined. Women feeling safe. Knowing they aren’t alone. Knowing this shit —life—gets real sometimes.

We ALL struggle. We simply aren’t all brave enough to talk about it, but when we do—-

CONNECTION beyond words.

Love, Erin

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